Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

The girls and I made a yummy bunny cake for Easter. While frosting our cake, they decided it would be fun to frost each other - and fun it was!

The Frosting Sisters!

With their bunny cake

The final product (she had to have a pink bow, of course!)

Before showers:

My clean little bunnies!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Stories

Guess what?!?! Tonight I randomly feel like blogging! It has been over a year now since my last post...I guess it is time, right? :)

Well, I've got two little stories for your entertainment. I already posted one of them on facebook, but you don't really have room for an entire story on a status update, so I thought I'd give a few more funny details here.

So, we went to Chipotle for lunch today. Yum, I love Chipotle! Hits the spot every time. It has actually been my #1 pregnancy craving for all 3 pregnancies. With the first two it was always a burrito, but with this one I'm totally digging the salad. Anyways, lets get to the story....

So...waiting in line at Chipotle. There is a very overweight lady standing in front of us, who happens to also be facing our direction as she leans against the wall. Suddenly Hannah notices this lady, gets very excited, points to her and exclaims, "FAT!!! Look mom, she's fat!!!" It was completely innocent, and she had no idea that she was being rude, but it was still very embarrassing! THANKFULLY, the lady somehow thought that Hannah had said, "what's that?" and thought that she was asking about what was on her T-shirt. Big Lady kindly responded, "It's a penguin!" and Hannah just stared at her, very confused :) Awesome.

Speaking of big fat ladies....being the growing pregnant lady that I am, I usually get hungry again after the girls go down and need to eat a second dinner. My wonderful husband is always very willing to come to my rescue and get me whatever I am craving that evening. Well tonight, that wonderful husband was out of town. What's a hungry pregnant girl to do?? Order pizza! So I went online to order pizza from a place right here in our neighborhood. After clicking submit on the order form, I got one of those "your computer is working" little circle thingys and the order wasn't going through. I then realized that it was already past their delivery hours for Sundays. Boo. So I called up Papa Johns and made an order there. Later, there is a knock on my door, and guess who it is?? The pizza man from our neighborhood pizza place! I was so suprised and confused that I just signed my receipt and thanked him for the pizza. A few mintues later....a knock at the door. A pizza from Papa Johns! Whoops...

Needless to say, there is a lot of pizza at our house tonight! Pizza party, anyone? ;)