Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My lovely friend Allison has tagged me with the Beautiful Blogger Award and the task of listing 7 things about me. I feel so special! :o)

So here are 7 very random things for your reading pleasure:

1.) I'm having so much fun learning how to sew! Feel free to send me a request! I can't promise it will be perfect, but I love making things for my friends! :o)

2.) I have my dream job! When I was little, I remember people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and deep inside I wanted to say "a mommy!" but I felt like I was supposed to pick a real occupation. Eventually I chose being a teacher as my answer because it was the closest thing to being a mommy that I could think of. I get asked often if I ever regret not teaching and the answer is no! I feel like I get to use my degree daily by teaching my own kids, so I think I have the best of both worlds!

3.) I always eat a snack or "second dinner" before bed. This is an almost nightly scenario in our house: The kids are in bed a sleeping. Lorne and I hop in our bed with our respective computers and start checking e-mail, reading blogs, etc. A few minutes later I look over at him and say, "I'm hungry. I need a snaaaaack!" And you know what the response is from my most amazingly amazing husband? "What do you want?" Depending on my answer he either goes to the kitchen or gets in the car and gets my whatever I want! Can you BELIEVE how awesome he is? Sorry girls, he's taken :o)

4.) I don't grocery shop anymore. As you can imagine, going to the grocery store with 2 kids can be pretty stressful. After Mary Kate was born, Lorne offered to do the grocery shopping for me. (Again, he's the BEST!) So every Sunday after church and lunch, Lorne does all the grocery shopping for the week so I don't have to. he actually enjoys it and says it's relaxing for him, so I guess it's good for both of us!

5.) I love having 2 girls! Our house is full of pink and girlyness and sparkles, oh my! (Poor Lorne!) I never had a sister growing up, so it's fun for me to watch a sisterly relationship develop between Hannah and Mary Kate. They are very different, so it will be fun to watch each personality grow!

6.) I HATE being cold. I would rather be dirty for a month than take a cold shower. I like HOT showers, like the kind where your skin is red when you get out :o)

7.) I am wondering if I will ever get a full night of sleep again? As I blogged about before, the girls were both sick twice in a row. That was pretty bad. Well guess what.....Mary Kate is sick AGAIN! That is 3 times in a row with one week in between each time! I don't know how this keeps happening! My pediatrician tried to reassure me that this is normal, and it's better that it happen now than when she goes to kindergarten. I guess I agree, but I feel so sorry for my little sweetie, and boy am I tired!!!!!

If you read this far, consider yourself tagged! :o)


Graham and Storey said...

I'm so sorry she is sick AGAIN! I've decided our house is a magnet for whatever sicknesses are traveling through Waco. I hope she gets better soon and YOU get some sleep!

The Blogivers said...

Ditto to what Storey said - sounds unfun! Also, how in the world do you eat a snack right before bed and not feel sick in the middle of the night??? I can't eat past 7:00 without feeling ill... I'm a grandma.

The Joiners said...

You're cute :) I miss you!